Blanket Investment Property Loan

Commerical Portfolio Rental Loan "Blanket Mortgage"

Loan Purpose - Purchase a Portfolio of Properties | Refinance a Portfolio of Properties | Refinance and Acquire additional properties under the same transaction | Cash Out Refinance 

Loan Amount $1,000,000 Minimum 
Credit Score 660 Plus
Minimum 5 Properties Under One Loan 
Non Owner Occupied Only - SFR | 2-4 Unit | Condos | Townhomes | PUD | Multi Famly 5-20 units 
Interest Only Option
Recourse and Non-Recourse Options
Business Purpose Only
Max LTV 75% 
Cash Flow Coverage 1.15% DSCR
Pre-Payment - Yes, Declining

Estimated Costs:
Rate based on borrower profile | Points of 2% of the loan amount (estimated) | Processing Fee $3500 | Appraisal Fee based on Portfolio.

Call 720-309-3014 to discuss your situation.