Fix and Flip Line of Credit

Fix & Flip Line of Credit
Recourse & Non-Recourse options 

LOC amounts $250,000-$10,000,000
Max LTV 75% ARV
Max LTC 90%
Credit 620 Plus (620-659 reduced LTV/LTC)
Net Worth Required 30% of LOC
Minimum Liquidity 20% of LOC
Non Refundable Application Fee $1500 (credited back on first funding)

Rate 10%-13% based on complete borrower profile | Points 2-5% based on complete borrower profile. 

Items needed to apply

  • Liquidity Verification

  • Proof of all flip transactions, or builds within the past

    24 months

  • Personal Financial Statement

  • Most recent personal and business federal tax returns

  • Entity Documents (If Applicable)

  • Borrower Identification

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